Energy Security April 22 2015, 0 Comments


Energy security is one of the main targets of energy policy. However, the term has not been clearly defined, which makes it hard to measure and difficult to balance against other policy objectives. However a common concept behind all energy security definitions is the absence of, protection from or adaptability to threats that are caused by or have an impact on the energy supply chain. Further it is difficult to assess and measure all identified threats at the same time so limits are often placed along several dimensions: the sources of risk, the scope of the impact measure, and the speed, size, sustention, spread, singularity or sureness of impacts.

Source: Winzer (2011) Conceptualizing Energy Security. Cambridge Working Papers in Economics. N0 1151

Concept Map Citation: Esslemont, C. (Apr 15) What do we mean by Energy Security? Informed Opinion Newsletter. 0515. Shared Concepts. Bowral. DOI: 10.1277/energy_E001